Amerika Syarikat Iktiraf Kerajaan Baru Malaysia?!

US recognizes Malaysia election result despite opposition claims of irregularities

WASHINGTON – The United States has recognized Malaysia’s election result, calling it the “most competitive” in the Southeast Asian nation’s history, despite opposition claims of irregularities in the vote.
State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the U.S. looked forward to working with the government to be formed by Prime Minister Najib Razak after his coalition returned to power after winning Sunday’s parliamentary elections with a diminished majority and despite losing the popular vote.
Ventrell told reporters in Washington on Monday that the U.S. was aware of concerns about voting irregularities and noted the opposition parties faced significant restrictions on access to the media.
He said addressing these issues is important for strengthening confidence in the electoral process, and called on all parties “to peacefully respect the will of the voters.”
للاكي براني موڠكين اكن كاله تتاڤي تيدق اكن مڠاله.

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