How Can You Prove that 9/11 was An Inside Job?

How Can You Prove that 9/11 was An Inside Job?

Answer By Dr Zakir Naik,”75 Professors of US they say, they believe that 9/11 was an inside job.”And in the article it was mentioned, it came in Times of India, I think on the 7th of September, it says that 75 Professors and Scientists belonging to different universities from different parts of U.S they believe that 9/11 was inside job and they say that there were some politicians in White House who have engineered the destruction of the twin towers. And they say the main reason was so that they could attack and they could have control of the oil rich countries… open secret.. I told you. One of the professors by the name of Steven Jones, he says that we do not believe that 19 hijacker and few men in the cave in Afghanistan could have done such a professional job… alone.. they could not have done it.

We don’t believe and by God we are going to come to the truth and we are going to expose. We don’t believe in the theory of the government. They don’t believe in the theory of the government. And he further goes on to say that we as being professors and scientists we know that the steel beam of the twin tower they couldn’t have melted at the temperature at which the jet fuel was there. And there were systematic bomb explosions which caused this to come down, otherwise it cannot come down. There are many tapes, there are many books written against it. I happened to watch many of them, I even happened to watch the video recording of this Professor Steven Jones. And yesterdays paper, we get another news, three days… later Professor Steven Jones sent on a paid leave. Imagine… paid leave.There are many tapes if you happened to watch one of the tapes by the name of Loose Change 9/11, it was done by a young American of 21 years old. He makes a one hour documentary, there are many, many are there. This 9/11 documentary it has collected clips from the various… of CNN, of Fox Channel.. all the news clipping, he took interviews etc and made a one hour documentary and then he says that people who saw the airplane they said, it cannot be a passenger carrier, it looked like a military place, it didn’t have any windows. And when he shows the shooting, when it comes close to the tower, there is another firing done from the wings, which hits the twin tower before the plane. Then further he goes on to prove, he says that he had statements of the management, the construction company which had constructed the twin tower, they said, its impossible, the twin tower made to withstand storm, to withstand tornado, this place cannot knock it down and it cannot come down, because the fuel burns at 1000 degrees temperature, this even for 2000 degree temperature for hours nothing will happen to it. Ten days later he changes his statement and said, No it’s possible, jet fuel can cause damage to the beams. Another professor who gave the statement, he didn’t withdraw his statement back, so he was sacked. 

Furthermore what they did, that in the documentary they show that when the twin tower came down like how you willfully get down any building and he gave statistics that many buildings in New York, tall sky scrapers, 40 floor, 60 floor, they caught fire for many hours but none of them came down, it is the first building in the history of USA, it has come down that way. And he showed photograph that when building is deliberately brought down how do they get down by explosion, in the same way it came down. There were systematic bomb blast and people who went to rescue whether it be the fireman, they were interviewed, they said that we were thinking that someone up was pressing the bomb button and the bombs were going off… boom..boom…boom. so how the twin tower come down, they have given proof.

للاكي براني موڠكين اكن كاله تتاڤي تيدق اكن مڠاله.

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