How to Improve Alexa Rank?

As there are many experts who have written many ways to lower or Decrease the Alexa rankings but today I am going to note down few steps which will help you in improving Alexa rankings.
How to improve Alexa ? Why you need to Improve Alexa ? What is Alexa ?
There are many questions which came in mind about Alexa rankings. Lets me clear your views about , ” Alexa is nothing  “, Alexa is just a method to compute your traffic by analysing your visitors and Alexa Toolbar users and data taken from other sources.
Alexa improve can be helpful for your blog or website for your earning. Most of the publishers do use Alexa rankings to place ads on your blog for example , Buy sell ads do measure blogs on the basis of Alexa. So Alexa is helpful tool to measure the value of your blog. The less Alexa you have, more chances to get a good ad on your blog. 

How to Improve Alexa ?

These are the following steps which you should do to improve Alexa rankings of your blog.

Update content Regularly

Content is the first thing to improve Alexa rankings of your blog. You need to add content on your blog regularly. Try to add around 2,3 posts containing 500-700 words on each day. Atleast add 1 Blog post every day to Improve Alexa rankings of your blog.

Unique visitors – Visitors with Alexa Toolbar

It is quite obvious that you will not get much visitors on your start of blog so do not worry about traffic from search engines, Try to share your posts on Facebook groups and other social networks to get traffic from it. You can get traffic from different groups which will help you to improve Alexa rankings.
There is myth that you need to get visitors who are using Alexa toolbar to Improve Alexa rankings. This seems to me quite true. I have seen that SEO blogs do get Alexa improve quickly rather then other blogs like fashion , Health etc. It is because most of the SEO experts does have this tool bar installed.

Quality Content

Content with quality is the main thing which we need to update to improve our Alexa rankings. Your bounce rate is the only thing which can let you know about your content quality.

Create Article about Alexa

It has been said by many experts that creating Articles about Alexa and giving link back to Alexa will decrease your Alexa rankings.  

Install Alexa Tool bar

This is also an important point that if you Install Alexa tool bar then whenever you will open your website, Alexa tool bar visitor will increase and their are chances to improve your Alexa.
I have read a lot that Alexa rankings are measured by the visitors who used Alexa Tool bar. 

Install Alexa Widget

This widget works same as the above point. You can install Alexa widget on your blog and it will help to show your Alexa rank to others. You can add a simple code in your website too show Alexa widget to other. It will take few minutes to add Alexa widget code in your blog.

Claim your website in Alexa

If you claim your website in Alexa then it will help to tell alexa that you are a real person and Alexa will give authority to your blog.

Get Reviews on Alexa

You can ask your friends or visitors to leave feedback or reviews for your blog on Alexa. They can give you ratings out of 5. If you have more good reviews and more ratings, chances of better Alexa are increased.

Increase visitors that have Alexa Tool bar Installed

It seems that this is the main step which is needed to improve Alexa rankings of your blog. Most of the experts are saying that you need to get those visitors who have Alexa tool bar Installed in browser. This will help to tell to Alexa that more visitors are giving signals to Alexa Improvement.

How to Get Alexa tool bar visitors

You can get Alexa tool bar installed visitors using following methods
  • Share your posts on SEO, Internet Marketing and other SMM related groups on Facebook because most of the SEO experts do have Alexa Installed.
  • Do a Keyword research and find out what people are searching about Alexa. For example there are keywords like ” How to install alexa tool bar ? ” , “Alexa tool bar ” , ” Alexa toolbar uninstall ” , “What is Alexa ? ” , “Remove Alexa toolbar ” and other. This is a trick because those users will have Alexa tool bar installed and they will surely improve your Alexa.

Make your Alexa tool bar

You can make your own Alexa tool bar and then you can ask your friends to download that Alexa tool bar from your website and then go to your website. This method will help you to decrease Alexa as well.

Increase traffic day by day

You must try to increase your traffic day by day. You can get traffic fro any source like Facebook , twitter or any other way. You need to keep improving your traffic. If your traffic graph goes above then it will help you to Improve Alexa.

Increase page views

Once you have good amount of traffic then your page views will be increased day by day as well. You can try to make Inner linking to increase page views of your website. Page views and Unique visitors Improve Alexa as well.

Get back links from those blogs who have good Alexa

You can try to get back links from those websites who have quality content and Alexa below 50k. There are many websites who have good alexa and they do update content regularly. You can do a guest post or comment to get a Back link.

Join Webmaster forums and be Active !

If Alexa is improved by getting visitors who are using Alexa toolbars then you need to join Webmaster forums who allows signature. You can put your URL in your Signature and then starting helping other in that forum and most of the chances are there that other webmasters will look at your website when you interact with them. So chances are there that they do have Alexa tool bar installed. You need to be active on webmaster forums or SEO forums.

SEO and Marketing

SEO can help you to get traffic related to your products and it can help to lower your Alexa rankings. SEO Marketing is the only way to Improve Alexa rankings in less time. You can use different portals to get traffic to your blog. You can make back links and content marketing to improve your Alexa rankings.

Go for Alexa PRO

You can make your membership upgraded on Alexa and become a PRO user. You can see a complete stats about your website including website traffic , daily page views , traffic sources and much more.

Alexa sites linking in

If you have ever seen in Alexa , then you will come to know that it does show sites linking in to your website same like as it does for me below. 
If you could see that site linking In are those websites who are linking to me that have good Alexa or Alexa widget install so try to do blog comments on those websites who have Alexa widget install on blog.

Last but not least : Never give up !

Keep updating your blog, Never give up in blogging, it has been rightly said that Hard work gets rewarded so keep your hard work. keep a frequency and post on your blog regularly.

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