Mahathir dimalukan netizen di Facebook Perdana Menteri Pakistan

Kemeriahan sambutan luar biasa ke atas Perdana Menteri, Mahathir Mohamad sempena lawatan negara ke Pakistan itu sedikit mendatangkan kecacatan apabila ruangan komen facebook Imran Khan dihujani dengan ribuan komen daripada rakyat Malaysia yang tidak berpuas hati dengan prestasi kerajaan pimpinan Dr Mahathir sejak kembali menawan Putrajaya.

Melalui status yang dimuatnaik Imran Khan, Tun Mahathir dikecam dengan kata-kata sinis oleh rakyat Malaysia.


“Yes. Mahathir is the best possible gurus on how to raise all your childs to become billionares Mr Khan”

“dear paskitani,

few things u can lear from our prime minister such as;

1. road privatisation; he will choose few of his friends to built you 4 lanes highways and make you pay it for years. at the same time promised to abolish it when election is coming.

2. indipendent power plant; he also has ability to grant few of his rich friends with indipendent power plant lincences (electricity) and at the same time push your national utility company to buy power; produced by his friends at higher rate. please remember also that these few friends also enjoyed subsidized price for gas bought from your national oil and gas company to produce power.

3. he also good in comdening all public transport projects initiated by his predecessor but ambitous with his 3rd national and flying car projects. resulting in imposing higher tax and levy on imported cars, increasing traffic congestion problem in our cities and finally pushing our govermnent to bail this project out when it fail.

4. our prime minister also very good in making his children rich and at the same time talking about corruption problems in our country.

so we Malaysian wishing you; our friends at Pakistan, Good Luck.

Thank You”

“Pakistan! 藍
That old man is a liar!
He said Malaysia has no money and at the verge of bankruptcy. He even went to Japan to borrow money.
And now, out if nowhere he is investing USD 900 million in Pakistan? Tread very very carefully with that fella. If possible, just keep him in Pakistan. We dont want him back. 藍”

Bagi mengikuti komen pedas dari rakyat Malaysia terhadap Tun Mahathir, pembaca boleh ikutinya di lampiran yang Malaysia Sentral kongsikan di bawah: