Undang Undang Tubuh Selangor Bakal Digubal Selepas PRU14?

After GE 13, many Malaysians became angry because of baseless allegations unproven until today. However, as revelations and news are unraveled daily, Malaysians are awakened to the reality that perhaps their beliefs in the fairy tale ending of ‘Malaysians will live happily ever after if PR wins’ is fast going up in smoke. Painful but true is the realization that they have been hoodwinked by propaganda and had misused the democratic space in Internet to construct a reality that may never come true under PR. Regardless of its weaknesses, the thought of BN winning GE is more comforting than that of PR coming to power and then throwing Malaysians into a flux of uncertainty.

Pakatan Rakyat component parties are united and divided as and when circumstances suit the whims and fancies of component parties. Making inconsistent statements on issues is the trademark of the coalition.
During the recent controversy where Anwar was denied entry to Japan, only Lim Kit Siang made a statement in his capacity as DAP Adviser. The coalition, PAS and DAP remained silent. Until today, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has refused to apologize for his supporters’ act of stomping on and burning the Japanese flag, a move that does not augur well for international relations.
On 24th January 2013, The Star reported Pakatan Rakyat stand on the use of the word “Allah” remains unchanged despite PAS Syura Council’s decision that the word cannot be used to describe God in any non-Muslim publications. However, that stand was only for pre-GE13 gimmicks. Naturally, many Malaysians voted Pakatan Rakyat to govern Selangor. However, Pakatan Rakyat has shown its true colors with its silence on the JAIS raid in early January, as it does not seem to have courage to use its mandate to handle the ‘Allah’ issue.
Anwar Ibrahim failed to show leadership quality while it was urgently required in the ‘Allah’ issue. MB Khalid took SIX days to make a statement about the unconstitutional and illegal raid on BSM “despite Jais having no jurisdiction over non-Muslims and the absence of evidence that the over 300 Malay and Iban-language Bibles confiscated from a storeroom were being used to proselytize to Muslims.
Khalid Ibrahim’s request for JAIS to consult the Home Minister to see if their actions were inconsistent with the BN Federal government’s ‘ten-point solution’ (a policy rather than a law), is a clear evasion of his duties and responsibilities and a subtle case of passing the buck. Note how Khalid’s earlier promise that JAIS would in future have to seek the state government’s approval before conducting raids was ignored by JAIS.
All it takes is for PR to repeal or amend laws or state legislation that are not harmonious with its ‘declared’ stand but it prefers to drag its feet, blame others, and zip up hoping that in time, the issue will cool down. Responsible governance? If it cannot resolve basic issues, how can it rule Malaysia?
Many have yet to realize that with more voting for PR in GE 12 and 13, there is now a lack of representation for Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups in the government. The ethnic coalition component parties within BN have very little influence and akin to toothless tigers because of the lack of respect for these parties and low morale in the face of dwindling ground support. Who suffers? The rakyat – who go on a moral crusade against corruption without realizing they are killing the goose that lays golden eggs.
If any student or group has problems, who can help them? PR reps? With lack of majority rule, they cannot do much. Former BN reps cannot help either as the mandate has been given to PR, especially in Penang and Selangor. Few realize the ramifications of the swing to opposition – which has yet to show they have leaders of substance. Worse still, is the fact that PR is fanning racial tension making the gap wider and more difficult to bridge and making use of differences to further their own selfish aims.
The PR Leadership Council at its meeting at PAS Hqrs in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014, decided to give full support to the Johor PR objective to fulfill the Johor Dream to make Johor the front-line state of PR in Peninsular Malaysia in the 14th General Elections in the march of PR towards Nusajaya and Putrajaya. They have yet to resolve inherent problems and yet, dare dream of marching to Putrajaya. Without offering Malaysians constructive proposals in education or even settling the JAIS issue, or putting forth concrete proposals to rectify problems, all they want to do is to rant, claim superiority, and chase their selfish pipe dreams of taking Putrajaya.
From before GE 13, Anwar has been talking about a shadow cabinet and its Orange Book. The fact remains that PR cannot even agree on education policies and its key leaders are righting within their respective parties with and no consensus as to who will be the Prime Minister should PR win GE 14. These are just some of the key issues, which have not been resolved for the past 5 years. That being the case, are they competent and experienced to rule the country?
BN is not blooming in perfection but it has its mechanisms and systems at work. Its leaders have experience and most importantly, the support of the civil service. It is not the same story where PR is concerned so what will happen if they do come to power in GE 14?
The Instant Society
Malaysians are an instant-gratification society. They want BN to produce instant remedies when BN has implemented policies that can only show results in the end. Yet, most are willing to make excuses and close one eye for PR when they flip-flop and then lambaste BN mercilessly when unable to deliver.
In the light of all these uncertainties caused by PR inherent weaknesses, there will be a swing towards BN in GE 14. By then, BN will win with a bigger margin. If that happens, Malaysians would then have exercised wisdom in their voting for it is better with the devil we know (which is a devil only because it is painted as such by PR) than to be drowning in the deep blue sea of uncertainty if PR comes to power.
Undoubtedly, the winds of change are blowing but they are not all the same type of wind. Some are tornadoes and typhoons bringing destruction to all who stand in their path whilst some are gentle and help in growth such as in wind pollination. Hence, Malaysians must move in tandem with correct type of wind – not the destructive ones that will undermine all built by our ancestors.
BN is still the preferred choice for stability, growth and unity even though there are enemies within who are plotting and working against the PM and the government, painting lies and distortions of truth.
After GE 14, PM Najib enjoyed a period of unchallenged authority during which he implemented his manifesto. Malaysians are not only an instant society but they are also impatient. The more radical the manifesto for change, the greater the likelihood to abandon it in the absence of positive results.
However, results HAVE been positive because PM had the guts to implement the changes he passionately believed are necessary to develop Malaysia. That is the mark of a leader of courage and conviction but Malaysians are faulting him on the minutest issues such as kangkungs and whatnots.
It is time Malaysians give our government recognition and support instead of running down our leaders, which is the opposition’s favorite game. With respect, support and unity for and within the ruling government, the course of leadership and development in this nation can be charted positively with commitment and conviction.
Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President of Centre for Political Awareness Malaysia (CPAM)

للاكي براني موڠكين اكن كاله تتاڤي تيدق اكن مڠاله.

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