Women and children at stake in Selangor water crisis

When the verses of the Quran concerning the role of water in man’s existence are read in succession today, they appear to express ideas that are obvious. The reason for this is simple; in our day and age, we all know about the water cycle in nature to a greater or lesser extent. However, if we consider the various ancient concepts on this subject, it becomes clear that the data in the Quran does not embody the mythical concepts prevalent at the time of Revelation, which had developed more according to philosophical speculation than observed phenomena.

Although it was empirically possible to acquire the useful practical knowledge necessary to improve irrigation, the concepts held on the water cycle in general would hardly be acceptable today.
The more the people grow, the more water is in need, and the more water is in need, the more problems seem to occur especially in the present water crisis in the state of opposition ruler, Selangor.
Political issues aside, water is the main substance for human existence and what the Selangor Government had failed to realize is the growth of the state had reached 1.4 million on an average annual population growth according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia between 2008 to 2010 notwithstanding the present population rate of 2011 and 2012.
In this so called one of the wealthiest state, the male holds dominant of 2.6 million population (50.8%) with female predominantly at 2.5 million (49.2%). It’s almost half of the male population where the women hold as respondents to their family.
When God created water, it is to exterminate thrust for his beings on earth, and who are we to be exterminating this holy source from reaching his beings, including us. It seems like the Selangor state government had continuously failed to resolve this issue and it’s sad to note that the present MB of Selangor is indeed a Muslim Man himself.
We are not talking about only men; we are talking about the Women and the innocent child and new born who don’t know the meaning of life. As such, it is even more frustrating to note that the present Selangor government is governed by PKR (jointly PR) lead by its Advisor Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Wan Azizah, both Muslim leaders of the oppositions.

Making a point of pride and glory holding the highest position as a politician does not at any time guarantee the building success of the nation you therefore rule. The present Selangor state government’s credibility is seemingly sliding in puddles of mud water not because of their failure in granting promises made to the rakyat in GE12, but the utter failure of logical behavior as a human being to ensure the people in the nation is healthy and gets a clean glass of water to drink what more for a bottle of clean milk for the children to consume.
In the versus of the holy Quran, it was clearly stated that Siti Hajar (PBUH) the beloved mother of the Prophet of Ismail (PBUH) prayers to God which made possible for a dessert to produce endless groundwater simply by a small kick of the feet of her beloved son Ismail onto the burning hot dune. It has ever since undoubtedly witnessed that the miracle of Zam Zam and the will power of a woman to safe his son and the people of her time to us today.
Zam Zam is about Arid Hydrology, ground water known as Wadi under harsh weather and climatic conditions unlike us a tropical climate where we have lots of lots of water but regretfully we failed to manage it properly for only 5.1 million people in one state, what more if we are talking about the whole of Malaysia if the oppositions takes power.
In this finding, Wan Azizah, a Muslim woman, sister, wife and mother to a Muslim leader had simultaneously failed to adhere by her own course of religious beliefs let aside her husband the bandit of all human destruction. Had she no power to help the people in Selangor? Had she no power to tell the present MB to solve the issue from a perspective of a Woman? Had she no power to help fight for the innocent children in Selangor?

In the following passages from the Quran, there is no trace of the mistaken ideas that were current at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
And (what means): “We sent down water from the sky in measure and lodged it in the ground. And we certainly are able to withdraw it. Therewith for you we gave rise to gardens of palm-trees and vineyards where for you are abundant fruits and of them you eat.” [Quran 23: 18-19]
And (what means): “We sent forth the winds that fecundate. We cause the water to descend from the sky. We provide you with the water – you (could) not be the guardians of its reserves.” [Quran 15:22]
And (what means): “(Allah) is the One who sends forth the winds like heralds of His Mercy. When they have carried the heavy-laden clouds, we drive them to a dead land. Then we cause water to descend and thereby bring forth fruits of every kind. Thus we will bring forth the dead. Maybe you will remember.” [Quran 7:57]
I doubt any of the present state of Selangor Muslim leaders knows any of these versus or probably are too much intoxicated over greed and power in which the people of their own land are suffering due to the most basic substance to live.

“Have you observed the water you drink? Do you bring it down from the rainclouds? Or do we? If it were our will, we could make it salty. Then why are you not thankful?” [Quran 56: 68-70]
This reference to the fact that God could have made fresh water salty is a way of expressing Divine Omnipotence. Another means of reminding us of the same Omnipotence is the challenge to man to make rainfall from the clouds. In modern times however, technology has surely made it possible to create rain artificially. Can one therefore oppose the statement in the Quran to man’s ability to produce precipitations?

When one compares the modern data of hydrology to what is contained in the numerous verses of the Quran quoted in this paragraph, one has to admit that there is a remarkable degree of agreement between them.
The hydrology systems are maneuvered and in many steps and some may find it confusing, hence the only one thing human should do is what human needs to do is only to secure it and to ensure it medicates the thrust of one human being and that is what the present state of Selangor government needs to do.
With the above findings, again, regretfully, let aside the political carriers of these opposition leaders, their credibility as a person protecting another had also gone astray and we are only talking about one in thirteen states consist of over 28 million populations. Think about it, we are all taking risks with these peasants around.
Following to the present water crisis in Selangor, findings are specifically justified as the design capacity 384 million liters per day hence operational at a prorated 450 million liters per day. This means, it is operating at nearly 120% exceeding the design capacity.
We have to understand the fact that the mechanical water treatment plant and equipment were designed to be at only 90% operational capacity and this means all the plants & equipments (pumps especially) are presently under a severe operational stress.
A non-stop running for hours almost 24 hours daily times 365 days per year except Eid or festival seasons in Lembah Klang and Selangor, normally plants like this are supposedly to run on an 80% Load Factor (at the time of the day/year) as 20% is for scheduled maintenance and in which the responsible people didn’t do thus they continued to thrash it to a drop point where it suffocates the end users.
The said Ulu Langat Water Treatment Plant was up in 1970’s and this means the economic operational life of the particular plant has expired (usually only last for 30 years) and with the present operating regime, it is a matter of time where the entire plant will just collapse.
The balancing reservoir cannot accommodate the end users consumptions and this is what’s happening in Balakong, besides, Syabas pumping station is not operating at a maximum efficiency.
We understand that such proposal to upgrade was submitted to the present Selangor state government 4 years ago and as usual there are no such positive response received. The PR leaders are often informed and made understood of such consequence and again, there was nothing done. The only thing we kept hearing is the Selangor State government’s dream to take over Syabas. Does taking over Syabas resolves the water crisis? This reminds me of Talam Corp’s debts being borne by the same state government. Such ambiguous plan under our noses and the people continues to suffer over a simple water crisis.
When water crisis happens it’s the women and children whom are often seen carrying buckets of so called “free water” from tankers, undoubtedly a blatant infringe to women’s and children’s rights. From waking up early in the morning, bathing their kids, making them breakfast to putting them to school, these busy schedules are even being troubled with the women trying their best to keep as much as water from tankers to crunch the thrust of their loved ones.
With all the above findings, the opposition leaders are at stake of their seats if these crises are not resolved immediately. At the same time, I wonder if Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah and some of many of the PAS leaders themselves being the Muslim scholars themselves at any time to think of the constituency especially on the women and innocent children in Selangor with regards the these unsolved crisis.
At the hike of this unanswered water crisis in Selangor, we haven’t seen the noses of the ex Bar President Ambiga Sreenivasan making any efforts to put up another street demonstration to get things right especially as she herself stressed that Bersih is to uphold Human Rights in which we see the participation of whom 40% women whom profusely brought their underage children to the streets to uphold what they call as Human Rights.
My question is; human rights consist of all areas and categories from politics to economy to development and the rakyat’s rights. So if she walks the talk, then she should put up another demonstration against the present Selangor State government for their failure to fix such an important issue, simply to show support to the women and children at the same time, upholding what she often stresses as Human Rights.
I am pretty much sure that the opposition leaders have no need to stress on this, as they are currently drinking clean water with modern strainers in their lavish bungalows unlike the rakyat is Selangor whom are continuously suffering from dirt waters!

I hope the women in Selangor will rise and uphold their rights for something god has honored them with and that is their existence as human beings whom need water to crunch the thrust of their loved ones. It is only them who can tell, it is only them whom can fight for their rights as how they proved to choose the oppositions in GE12, so it’s again their right as rakyat to abolish such dilemma.
Remember, the hand that rocks the cradle can also shake the world. The question is, when? Don’t forget that Kelantan too faces the same issue for years and have yet to be resolved. Worst is, Kelantan is totally PAS conquered. Are we saying that the opposition’s ability is only to put the rakyat at stake? Yes, I would say so. [write by] Shatifah Zohra Jabeen

للاكي براني موڠكين اكن كاله تتاڤي تيدق اكن مڠاله.

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